The Double Vision of the Jesuit Pope, Celibacy For Priests. Ce n’est pas la pensée de Benoît XVI. La pénurie de vocations n’est-elle pas une raison suffisante pour admettre des hommes mariés « âgés » à la foi éprouvée? But in a Minor Key, Goodbye, Jesuits. Or that of Bergoglio? How Francis Is Coming To Save a Nation on the Brink of the Abyss, Happy Birthday To Luther. A Truth that, when it is integrally proclaimed, cannot fail to be divisive, just as Our Lord is divisive: “, I do not find anything reprehensible in suggesting that we should forget Vatican II: its proponents knew how to confidently exercise this, The mere idea of setting the Council aside causes scandal even in those, like you, who recognize the crisis of recent years, but who persist in not wanting to recognize the causal link between Vatican II and its logical and inevitable effects. Council was opened in Basil on July 23, 1431. It will also attempt to provide a window onto various events, situations and personalities not generally or favorably presented to the purview of the general public in the English speaking world. repudiated, in part, or en bloc, as happened with the Council of Constance and The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XIV. Was the renewal brought about by Vatican II so great as to cause a “rupture” with the tradition of the church? Ironically, there are progressives and traditionalists who would agree that there was in fact a rupture. For Francis, These Are the Model Dioceses. They were resolved by the ecumenical council of Chalcedon. “If Bergoglio were a pupil of professor Ratzinger, … he would see his lines marked with the red pen.”. Ainsi, aujourd’hui, le Pape émérite quitte sa position de retraite et de prière pour accompagner l’Eglise de sa voix autoritaire dans un moment de grande incertitude. Walter The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XIII. As discussed towards the end of the latest CFN “Weekly News Roundup” (, The most vehement critic of Archbishop Viganò’s position on the Council to date is certainly Sandro Magister, a veteran Italian Vaticanista, who accuses Viganò of having “blamed” Benedict XVI “for having ‘deceived’ the whole Church in that he [Benedict] would have it be believed that the Second Vatican Council was immune to heresies and moreover should be interpreted in perfect continuity with true perennial doctrine.”, In simpler terms, Magister appears quite upset that Archbishop Viganò (like Bishop Athanasius Schneider in, Magister, for his part, firmly defends the “hermeneutic of continuity” in his, In his reply, Archbishop Viganò respectfully counters Magister’s accusations by clarifying, “I have no desire to separate myself from Mother Church,” and further, “I do not hesitate to say that that assembly [Vatican II] should be forgotten ‘, Regarding the contested “hermeneutic of continuity”, His Excellency states, “The, “I continue to hope,” writes Archbishop Viganò to Magister, “that the tone of your article was not dictated by the simple fact that I have dared to reopen the debate about that Council that many – too many – in the ecclesial structure, consider as an. Dr. Maike Hickson. However, he is Pope, and I pray for him every day. Here they are, word for word, It will not be discussed at a synod, but pressure is growing in favor of the ordination of married men. Comment la coexistence entre eux pourra-t-elle se poursuivre ? D’une part, il pourrait confirmer la doctrine actuelle en général, d’autre part, il pourrait permettre des exceptions qui seront abordées avec des pratiques plus ou moins désinvoltes. La publication de ce texte est-elle une forme de pression sur le Pape François qui est sur le point de promulguer l’Exhortation du Synode sur l’Amazonie? Martin V’s successor, Eugene IV, Quelle idée vous êtes vous faite de l’essai « Des profondeurs de nos coeurs » écrit par le Cardinal Robert Sarah et Benoît XVI ? For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.-C.S. The website “www.chiesa” is suspending publication. CFN Blog Dr. Maike Hickson. ... August 13, 2020 Anthony Ruff, OSB. Because every bishop is deciding as he wishes. IV, in the Decree of the Council of Florence, which on September 4, 1439, condemned Pas tous. foremost experts, writes that: «. July 29, 2020 at 9:57 AM The most sensational with China, In the pope’s diocese, the divorced and remarried can receive communion, in other Italian dioceses no. La plupart du temps sur des sujets cruciaux. Et il ne laisse aucun doute sur le fait qu’il a voulu participer à ce livre avec un texte qui lui est propre, et en lisant et en approuvant toutes les autres parties de la publication, comme le démontrent ses lettres rendues publiques par le Cardinal Sarah. Here’s How “Amoris Laetitia” Is Dividing the Church, Anything But an Example For the World. Holy Order... Liberty or Equality, Erik Maria Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, How to Think About the Planet: The Case For An Environmental Conservatism, Sir Roger Scruton, The Portable Conservative Reader, Dr Russell Kirk, Editor, The Conservative Mind, From Burke to Eliot, Dr Russell Kirk, Introduction to Philosophy, Msgr Paul J. Glenn. And not afterward, either. And Accusing, American Elections, Bishops’ Edition. Sandro Magister (born 2 October 1943) is an Italian journalist who writes for the magazine L'espresso.. Magister specializes in religious news, in particular on the Catholic Church and the Vatican.He has written two books on the political history of the Italian episcopate: "Italian Church: Vatican Politics and Italy 1943-1978" and "Extraparliamentary Church: The Triumph of the Pulpit". My local Catholic radio: "the council teaches, the council teaches" over and over, like there was no scripture or tradition or Jesus. The one you give or the one given – while they wrote the decrees and declarations – by its very industrious architects? Turn to Tradition – A Response to George Weigel, China’s Population Control Atrocities Can Backfire. IN LUMINE FIDEI: 29 JULY – SAINT MARTHA (Virgin). Liturgical Press | School of Theology • Seminary | Saint John's Abbey | Comments Policy | Contact Us Sandro Magister writes: “Benedict XVI wants it that way, at the Masses he celebrates. Attacks on the Catholic Faith will not be tolerated. of the Council of Constance in a wicked and reprehensible sense, totally alien Simple theme. One more reason, they say, to “inform the people of God about our initiative”, The followers of other religious confessions are on the rise in the country where the pope resides. Or that of Bishop Schneider? Here is a review of his latest blunders, a dozen in four months. Why Starting January 1, 2017, All Aboard a New Vessel, The Pope Is Not Answering the Four Cardinals. Le dimanche, là où personne ne peut célébrer l’Eucharistie, les laïcs peuvent lire les lectures, réciter le credo et distribuer les hosties consacrées et conservées depuis la dernière fois que le prêtre est venu. Neil Xavier O'Donoghue. Or that of Joseph Ratzinger? Sandro Magister writes: “Benedict XVI wants it that way, at the Masses he celebrates. A guide to the discovery of their significance”. 24-35. Thereby, in raising the question of the No, At the Altars. Yet even if they desire equality, they cannot reach it. Changes in 2020 – Plenary Indulgence Reminders for the First Full Week in November (November 1st–8th) Now Available Throughout the Month – (Enchiridion Indulgentiarum), A Prayer for the Intercession of Ignatius, Cardinal Kung Pin-mei, A Prayer for the Beatification of Marcel François Marie Joseph Lefebvre, Divinum Officium (Traditional Breviary & Mass, A Monarchist Reading List (YouTube Video), Monarchy vs Republic, by HIRH Otto v. Habsburg, The War for Christendom ~ Hapsburg Restoration Movement, Laughter and Humility (GK-CHESTERTON.ORG), The American Chesterton Society-YouTube Channel, Roger Buck: Episode 1 - Nectar in a Sieve, Roger Buck: Episode 2 - Counter Revolution and the Regeneration of the Church, Roger Buck: Episode 3 - Revolution and Counter Revolution, Roger Buck: Episode 4 - How the Sacred Heart Changed My Life Forever, Roger Buck: Episode 5 - Introduction to the New Age Menace. Sandro Magister obtient une licence en théologie de l'Université catholique du Sacré-Cœur de Milan en 1967. This would be enough to understand how much damage has been caused by the deliberate adoption of a language that was so murky that it legitimized opposing and contrary interpretations, on the basis of which the famous, Allow me to quote from the article that Doctor Maria Guarini published on June 29 at, I continue to hope that the tone of your article was not dictated by the simple fact that I have dared to reopen the debate about that Council that many – too many – in the ecclesial structure, consider as an, You may be certain that, unlike many bishops, such as those of the. Et bien sûr, Jésus l’était. which, in modern terms might be defined a “hermeneutic of continuity”  today used with regard to the Second Vatican He Was M... Was the Reconquista a Crusade? Original Material Copyright 2017-2019 by Jovan Weismiller. President-elect Biden quotes “Eagle’s Wings”, Pope Francis Favors Same Sex Civil Unions. A must read! Un choix qui rappelle celui des grands moines antiques qui, voyant la vie de la communauté en danger, ont abandonné l’isolement pour les secourir. Le Cardinal Sarah sera peut être démis de ses fonctions de Préfet de la Congrégation pour le Culte Divin à l’âge de 75 ans. §§§ 3 July 2020 En attendant, dans l’Église orthodoxe, les évêques sont seulement célibataires. The biting accusation of Joseph Ratzinger against Catholicism in Germany. But it will continue with the blog “Settimo Cielo,” which will still offer just as rich a harvest of news, analysis, documents on the life of the Catholic Church, There are more and more cardinals and bishops, however, who are lining up in support of the authors of the five questions seeking clarification on the ambiguities of “Amoris Laetitia.” Here they are, one by one, Over just a few days, a hailstorm of rebukes. Just remember, the Rhine still flows into the Tiber. Quelles seront les conséquences cette fois-ci? ), attacks on the legitimacy of Pope Francis as the Vicar of Christ (I know he's a material heretic and a Protector of Perverts, and I definitely want him gone yesterday! From the news arises the question: Can “Amoris Laetitia” be interpreted this way, too? Tweet; Email; Print; Pocket. And not afterward, either. I have no problem with a bit of colourful language, but blasphemy or depraved profanity will not be allowed. The defeat of the bishops favored by Bergoglio, One letter. And Some Marked With Red, In Rome Yes, In Florence No. Jésus admirait ceux qui, s’identifiant pleinement avec lui « devenaient eunuques pour le royaume des cieux ». Or that of the theologians who teach in the Pontifical Universities and that we see published in the most popular Catholic periodicals in the world? Decreto ... Cardinal Wyszyński: Primate of the Millennium. And he is opting to hold on to celibacy: not only “opportune,” but “necessary”, Francis likes his talk freewheeling, with all the risks that go with it. A strange Easter message, coming from a pope, for a resurrection wholly and solely political. Yet this is one reason why churches were given ornate floors. Affichant volontiers des opinions plutôt conservatrices[5],[6], il est parfois qualifié de « ratzinguérien » - en référence à sa proximité avec la vision ecclésiale du pape Benoît XVI, son site est décrit comme étant « une base documentaire exemplaire »[3]. Et maintenant, il faut détruire Jean-Paul II, Une interview tous azimuts d’Edward Pentin dans « La Verità », McCarrick: ne nous leurrons pas, c’est l’Eglise qui est attaquée, « La menace vient de la dictature universelle d’idéologies apparemment humanistes ». Sandro Magister's blog with all the latest news, analyses, documents. Dans l’Eglise naissante aussi, les vocations étaient rares et pourtant le christianisme s’est épanoui malgré tout. selon les recommandations des projets correspondants. The Numbers and the Moves Backstage, “Seeking Clarity.” The Appeal of Four Cardinals To the Pope, The Italy of the Primate of Italy Is a Bit Less Catholic, Venezuela. Ce fut le cas pour de nombreuses communautés cachées dans le monde. Il se voit alors brièvement retirer son accréditation[7] auprès de la salle de presse du Saint-Siège[23]. Roger Buck: Episode 6 - Of New Age Gnostics - and Galactic Lizards! A strange Easter message, coming from a pope, for a resurrection wholly and solely political. Go here to read the rest. Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) TOP Selon vous, qu’écrira le Pape François dans le document sur le Synode? If we are wrong now, you were wrong then. Epistolae Viganò to Critics: Instead of “Assuming Schisms” Where There Are None, Better to Fight Long-lasting Errors. They are the Orthodox and Protestants. exclude then that a day will come when even the Second Vatican Council may be Mais après cette phrase, il se réfère à des situations particulières dans les îles du Pacifique et cite comme intéressant un livre du théologien allemand Fritz Lobinger, devenu évêque en Afrique du Sud, en faveur de l’ordination d’hommes mariés et defemmes, à qui confier la seule tâche d’administrer les sacrements, sans les deux autres fonctions, l’enseignement et le gouvernement, qui sont inextricablement liées au sacerdoce. Dear Mr. Magister, Permit me to reply to your article “Archbishop Viganò on the Brink of Schism,” published at Settimo Cielo on June 29 (). Consequently the thesis of “continuity” between. C'est le seul vaticaniste dont les articles sont systématiquement publiés en italien, anglais, français et espagnol et publiés avec de nombreuses références aux sources. From Rorate Cæli Below, you will find our usual post about the plenary indulgence... What Catholics once were, we are, If we are wrong, then Catholics through the ages have been wrong. The German Church Is a Black Hole, The Reform of the Reform “Will Happen.” The Pope Wants It, Too, Buenos Aires and Rome. Il n’y avait rien qu’il ignorait. interpretation of the Second Vatican Council, distorting the documents. Les mots parlent clair. The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XII. I am aware that having dared to express an opinion strongly critical of the Council is sufficient to awaken the inquisitorial spirit that in other cases is the object of execration by right-thinking people. The Liturgy the Basis of Social Regeneration. Les partisans de l’ouverture aux prêtres mariés observent que les apôtres avaient tous une femme et des enfants. Buy it at Amazon! Brandmüller notes that: “the assize which issued those decrees was in no way an A plusieurs reprises, François a dit que le pasteur ne se place pas tant devant ou au milieu du troupeau, mais derrière, car le troupeau sait déjà où aller. Cardinal The Defense Takes the Floor, So Many Errors, Your Holiness. Which show the pope’s irritation over the criticisms of “Amoris Laetitia,” these too the fruit, in his judgment, of a legalistic and decadent mentality, The pope of mercy is also the one of the anti-capitalist and anti-globalization “popular movements.” Castro dies, Trump wins, the South American populist regimes crumble, but he isn’t giving up. Bologna 2002. ecumenical nature of the Council of Constance, Father Joseph Gill one of its Je crois qu’il doit être compris comme un signal d’alarme lancé par des personnalités de grande autorité, Benoît XVI en particulier, pour attirer l’attention sur la gravité de la décision qui va être prise. We worship as you once worshipped. This is a polemical Catholic Royalist blog. Marié et père de deux filles, enseignant l'histoire religieuse contemporaine à l'université d'Urbino[2], il suit l'actualité de l'Église catholique romaine et de la papauté depuis les années 1970[3]. Quelle est votre évaluation du pontificat de Bergoglio ? July 14, 2020. La similitude est dans la vaine tentative de montrer l’harmonie totale entre Benoît XVI et François. C’est une pratique qui n’est pas si différente de celle qui est adoptée en apportant la communion aux malades. Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso Spa - Partita IVA 00906801006, News, analysis, and documents on the Catholic Church, by Sandro Magister, Rome, Announcement To the Passengers. From Chile, one scholar proposes that the same journey be made again, The prefect of the new dicastery for the family attacks the archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput, over how he is implementing “Amoris Laetitia” in his diocese. Exactement. ), the legitimacy of the House of Windsor or of the claims of the Elder Line of the House of France, or attacks on the legitimacy of any of the currently ruling Houses of Europe. On April 6, 1415, the Council of Constance issued a decree known as. Il avertit que toucher ce point pivot n’est pas simple car il fonde l’état ontologique du consacré à Dieu ». In Italian, English, and Spanish; E-mail: Postal address: Sandro Magister, "L'espresso", via C. Colombo 90, 00147 Roma Site design by Theo Nelki. And meanwhile he continues to condemn “proselytism,” precisely as the missionary impulse collapses in the Church, And this with a Jesuit pope, no less. Dans l’Église orthodoxe, il y a toujours eu des prêtres mariés. , wherein it was stated solemnly that the Council, Here are the guidelines that have come under accusation, The new president is one of the thirteen cardinals of the famous letter that infuriated the pope. Today he celebrates it as “medicine for the Church.” But he doesn’t appear to have retracted his critiques. Receive, dear Sandro, my blessing and greeting, with best wishes for every good thing, in Christ Jesus. Donald R. McClarey April 16, 2020 Sandro Magister has a damning verdict on the Pope’s Easter missive to his pet popular movements: Here, made public for the first time, is the full text of the letter. The new vice-president is a member of Opus Dei. 38. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film-stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. In California the bishop of San Diego, a favorite of Bergoglio, admits de facto divorces and remarriages, as in any Protestant church. If you were right then, we are right now. are these. Out of 187 Italian bishops, there were 171 votes in favor of keeping per tutti (“for all”), 4 for the introduction of the version per la moltitudine (taken from the French, “pour la multitude”), one blank ballot, and just 11 votes for per molti (“for many”). It also hopes to be a bridge for those who wish to cross over, unite and fight for the truth. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The facts councils, without, in this manner, “undermining the foundations of the Catholic NAAL Cancelled for 2021. En avril dernier, il a confié à un mensuel allemand les Notes sur les scandales d’abus sexuels, dans lesquelles il esquissait une cause de la crise de l’Eglise différente de celle proposée par François. But Few Justify Him, Francis Doesn’t Like the Seminaries. He is certain that the future of humanity is in the people of the excluded. Sandro Magister obtient une licence en théologie de l'Université catholique du Sacré-Cœur de Milan en 1967. I'm a peasant pewsitter who says forget it. Note the lower case 'r'! Il avait promis une position de retrait et de prière, alors qu’il a récupéré une présence différente? Critique de la realpolitik du Vatican dans les relations internationales et surtout avec la Chine[4]. IN LUMINE FIDEI: 31 JULY – SAINT IGNATIUS (Confessor), Network Rail’s Cowardly JK Rowling Decision. Quant au célibat des prêtres, Ratzinger trouve même son fondement théologique dans l’Ancien Testament, pour lequel le dévouement total à Dieu est incompatible avec un autre dévouement absolu tel que celui requis dans le mariage. Neil Xavier O’Donoghue has written a response to Sandro Magister’s portrayal of the liturgical practices of the Neocatechumenal Way. En mars 2018, lorsque l’instrumentalisation de Ratzinger pour soutenir la publication de certains textes de théologiens bergogliens est devenue évidente, le Préfet du Secrétariat pour les Communications, Mgr Dario Viganò, a démissionné. Il ne faut pas oublier que Benoît XVI a attribué la cause des abus sexuels à la perte de la proximité de Dieu d’une grande partie de l’Église, alors que pour François la cause est le cléricalisme. Vatican Media Get a New Face and New Boss, Luther At the Stake. Just forget it! © Copyright Cette accréditation lui a été restituée quelques mois plus tard une fois le malentendu éclairci, le 8 décembre 2015[24]. The Council of Constance (1414-1418) On his blog Settimo Cielo of July 13, the Vatican reporter Sandro Magister was highly critical of Bishops Carlo Maria Viganò and Athanasius Schneider, hurling an accusation at them for spreading “fake news”. The Gift... C.S. faith.” Magister accuses Schneider of historical incompetence, citing, as The Catholic Doubts of “The New York Times”, A New Council, Like Sixteen Centuries Ago, The Pope Isn’t Talking, But His Cardinal Friends Are. Quitter la maison et la famille pour suivre Jésus n’était pas une métaphore mais la réalité. Dedicated to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, and St Louis IX, Crusader King and to Santiago Matamoros, St James the Moor Slayer. in the Bull, The But the most numerous are not the Muslims. settembre 1439, in. Five questions on the most controversial points of "Amoris Laetitia.” To which Francis has not replied. And there are those who are turning Buddhist, Step by step, the reconstruction of the pope’s direct intervention and that of his emissaries in the Venezuelan crisis. Si une ‘fente’ s’ouvre pour l’Amazonie, à terme elle sera valable pour toute l’Eglise. Councils over the Pope, affirmed by the Fathers of Basil on the basis of. Il y a des moyens de compenser l’absence des prêtres. Je crains qu’elle ne se réduise de plus en plus à des formalités. Viewer Questions! Powered by. The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XI. Sandro Magister est l'auteur de deux ouvrages : Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. PopeWatch: Sandro Magister. Fed up with it. Après le retrait de la signature sur la couverture et le choix de préciser que le livre est publié « avec la contribution » de Benoît XVI, on se demande comment le Pape émérite a pas pu ne pas savoir qu’il participait à une publication à double signature. But the prefect of the liturgy is promising it once again, in a book of his that goes on sale today, entitled “The Power of Silence”, In the one and the other the pope has made it known what kind of implementation he wants for the eighth chapter of “Amoris Laetitia,” the one about communion for the divorced and remarried. Il est considéré comme un observateur aguerri du Vatican[3]. Il n’y a pas de bouc émissaire. Ensuite, lors de l’ordination sacerdotale, seuls les célibataires étaient admis. Parce qu’au cours de cette dernière année, le Pape émérite a décidé de sortir au grand jour sur les questions brûlantes du Magistère et de la pastorale ecclésiastique. No need to 'reject' it. Quelqu’un a aussi parlé d’interférence dans son Magistère. Christian, including the Pope, was required to obey it. its decrees? He, in fact, sustained that the proposition of the superiority of the pontificiae ad Concilium Florentinum spectantes. July 29, 2020 at 6:42 AM Big Nose said... Vatican II is here to stay so get used to it (or get out)! Dernière modification le 7 mai 2020, à 01:36,, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. what was affirmed by Monsignor Schneider. Dans les lettres exhibées par le Cardinal Sarah, Benoît XVI approuve la forme de publication prévue. At first it appeared to me that the content of your article was to be considered more an understandable, You state that I have supposedly blamed Benedict XVI “, I permit myself also to remind you, as if there was any need, that the positions of moderate critical re-reading of the Council in a traditional sense by Benedict XVI are part of a laudable recent past, while in the, We have confirmed that the intentional ambiguity in the texts had the purpose of keeping opposing and irreconcilable visions together, in the name of an evaluation of utility and to the detriment of revealed Truth. 16 janvier 2020 (merci à l’amie qui m’a transmis l’article réservé aux abonnés) ... Sandro Magister tient sur le site de l’Espresso le très suivi blog Settimo cielo, publié en quatre langues. The Douai Catechism, 1649 - CHAPTER XI. Effectivement, ces deux événements récents ont mis en évidence quelque chose de non résolu. Sandro Magister has a damning verdict on the Pope’s Easter missive to his pet popular movements: Here, made public for the first time, is the full text of the letter. 3 July 2020. Abp. Taken in the woods by Clatonia NRD lake, three days before my 70th birthday. July 28, 2020 Rita Ferrone. Scotland’s Bishops vote to adopt the ESV in the Lectionary. We are what you once were. Click on the image. Pontificio Istituto Mais dans l’Église, cela ne devrait pas surprendre car les contrastes ont toujours été présents, y compris pendant les pontificats de Benoît XVI, de Jean-Paul II et de Paul VI. The Fathers of Basil, according to the Pope “interpreted the declaration Viganò: When We Can Criticize Pope Francis, Can We Not Also Criticize Vatican II? Go here to read the rest. Et selon lui, la cohabitation entre « les deux papes » se réduira de plus en plus à des formalités. Depuis 2002, il anime un site internet (Chiesa, « Église ») consacré à l'actualité ecclésiale qui, depuis 2006 est traduit en quatre langues. La polémique est née des partisans du pape François pour minimiser la portée du livre et peut-être d’une certaine fragilité de l’archevêque Georg Gänswein, secrétaire du pape Benoît XVI et préfet de la maison papale, pour résister à de telles pressions. Cela se produira-t-il aussi sur le célibat ecclésiastique ? Parcours. The Attack on Catholic Images May Just Be the Begi... Second Crusade: Siege of Damascus, 1148 - A Bad Idea? Les communautés catholiques du Japon ont survécu héroïquement pendant 250 ans sans un seul prêtre. But the Secretariat of State has its own musicians…, Will those more knowledgable read the March 30 column of Sandro Magister and tell us what’s going on in the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. It was, This blog is not associated with Pray Tell: An open forum on faith in South Texas. Since today is All Souls' Day, I'm reposting this. ecumenical council authorized to define the doctrine of the faith. La star des vaticanistes répond aux questions de « La Verità » (qui consacre à l’imbroglio du livre coécrit avec le cardinal Sarah un copieux dossier, voir ici). The Rite of Coronation of the Holy Roman Emperor. Phase it out, gradually so no riots. The same one that enjoys the favor of Pope Francis, This is what Francis has said in private to Cardinal Sarah, only to deny the whole thing afterward in a statement. Today, Magister published the full Italian text of Archbishop Viganò’s response to him (dated July 3, 2020), which another Italian journalist, Marco Tosatti, has made available in English on his website. July 24, 2020 Fr. What does Fratelli Tutti tell us about liturgy? C’est ce qui s’est passé pour la doctrine du mariage après le Synode sur la famille. With former Spanish president Zapatero as mediator, While celebrating in Sweden the five hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Francis sidestepped the points of contrast. Vatican Radio will stop broadcasting on shortwave. You write: “Attention: not the Council interpreted badly, but the Council as such and en bloc.” I ask you then: what would be the correct interpretation of the Council? The Church historian August Franzen affirms Unregistered Catholic Priests Pressured into Patri... Nick Sandmann Wasn’t Supposed to Survive. Pour ce que j’en ai vu durant ces sept années de pontificat, je ne serais pas surpris s’il ouvrait une ‘fente’ aux prêtres mariés, peut-être dans une note de bas de page. Two obligatory rereadings, to decipher the Egyptian crisis by Sandro Magister ROME, August 20, 2013 – In a few days many dozens of churches, convents, homes of Christians in Egypt have been attacked or burned. Franchement, cela me semble une dévalorisation du rôle de leadership confié à l’origine au successeur de Pierre, à partir du Nouveau Testament. Il y a un contraste flagrant entre sa position et celle du pape François. And “L'Osservatore Romano” will also be absorbed into a single “content hub.” Under the command of Monsignor Dario Viganò, Yesterday he saw the Protestant Reformation as the root of all evil. Contributor Francesca Romana, Ainsi, le 16 juin 2015, son éditeur dévoile sur le site L'Espresso un avant-projet de l'encyclique Laudato Si dont la publication n'était prévue que le 18 juin et qui était alors sous embargo[22]. Lewis. Orientale, Roma 1946,  pp. Pourquoi devrions-nous craindre une exception ? Liturgical Resources for Natural Disasters, Westminster Cathedral music administrator resigns, And also with you: A Liturgical Spirituality of Radical Peace-Sharing, St Jerome, “Linguistic” Hospitality and Inculturation, Pray Tell: An open forum on faith in South Texas.
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